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LiveJournal for Razor.

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Monday, July 14th, 2003

Time:3:44 pm.
Mood: creative.

What kind of Faerie are you?
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Saturday, June 21st, 2003

Time:2:17 pm.
Magic Number11
PersonalityProcrastinator (If The Apathy Doesn't Kill Me)
TemperamentSweet Natured
SexualWhatever, Whenever, Whoever
Likely To WinThe Wrath Of My Peers
Me - In A WordDull
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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

Subject:Long time no write...
Time:6:49 pm.
Mood: cold.
Hmm well...I usually don't even bother to write anything in these anymore but someone I don't even know is complaining....So okay.lol. Well hmmm...It's the day after Memorial Day. I went to Kings Dominion yesterday, played rummy and watched the Jackass Movie all day Sunday, and went to HFStival 2003 on Saturday. I've had a boyfriend since April 10th,2003...I love him to death. ( bryan + ligia = <3<3) Right now I'm actually trying to get my poetry research project done for English...I'm a bit lazy though..lol We'll see how that goes, I have till Friday. The Author of my poem is an alcoholic lesbian who's lived in Brazil and Scotland and The U.S. It's pretty ironic cause I'm half Brazilian and my boyfriend's Scottish. Hehe. Hmmm...The Simpsons are on right now...I'm waiting for my boyfriend to call soon....I really need to finish this damn report...GRrr...We have SOLs all week. I didn't have one today but I have my History SOL tomorrow...then Geometry the day after, and Chemistry on Friday....Well...I'll write more later..I really need to get this report done...Buhbai! Lol I hope you're happy random person!lol
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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003

Time:6:45 pm.
Mood: lethargic.
It's been a damn long time since I wrote in here... Heh. Welll..hmm....Dunno what to say haha. Havin fun?

The music is right. I got mah dancin shoes on. And me & ur girl is booty shakin'!haha Steve's friends are awesome.
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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002

Time:6:52 pm.
yet again..sorry i havent wrote much..kinda died.bleh.
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Saturday, August 24th, 2002

Time:2:32 am.

kind of LJer are you?
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Subject:stole the tests lol.
Time:2:27 am.

Sex, sex, and sex! You like dating a man that wants to cum on your face. haha minus the vulgarness, your date is quite the ladie's man. He loves taking you out and treating you like a queen.

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Sunday, August 4th, 2002

Time:4:16 am.
Mood: awake.
Hmm..I've been w/ Nick for 3 months and 4 days....and i've been w/ Celena for 1 month, 1 week and 6 days...I should be happy....right? (j/k) Ahhh I love Nick so much...and Celena's so fun. I mean...I didn't exactly like the whole idea of me dating someone else(yeah its a girl but its still someone else) while being w/ him...but he said I could and he said he even wanted me to have a gf....so....yeah....It's all good then
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Tuesday, July 30th, 2002

Time:1:38 am.
Whoo Hoo! 3 months to the day for Nick and I. =D I love him so much. hehehe
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Monday, July 29th, 2002

Time:4:33 pm.
Mood: tired.
Which member are you?
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Subject:Area2 Concert w/ Nikki, Amber and Amber's mom.
Time:4:25 pm.
Mood: tired.
Ahh so much fun. I saw David Bowie in concert yesterday. It was the Area2 concert. Busta Rhymes. Ash. Moby. Ash sucks, we didn't stay for Moby, and me and Nikki couldnt even see Busta Rhymes cause of these damned bitches in front of us who were standing up and wouldnt sit down even though they had NO FUCKIN RHYTHM. Bleh. We also went to the Tents a few times. Dj 's were there. Dj Tiesto and John Digwood..stuff like that. Fun stuff. We raved and danced so much. So damn hot. David Bowie was so sexy on stage. We all almost creamed our pants LOL. I got the chills so many times. I called my bf from the concert, he was like "helllllloooooo cant hear youuuuuu" I was like "NICK!!!!" He was like "Ohhh Where are you?" I said ".....David Bowie Concert...hehehehe" he was like "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" hahahah I made him listen to it for a few seconds then he had to go eat. hehehe Wellll I'm tired...lol it's official that after I wake up it takes like 4 hours for me to actually WAKE UP. welll...Off now..so I can shower and Doug can do my hair like Head from KoRn.
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Saturday, July 27th, 2002

Time:12:45 pm.
BigWhiteGuerilla: i feel sorry for the many sperm that die after each time someone ejaculates, cause at most two will live in the end and if more than one lives they will both end up dying, and even after all that there's still only about 80 years they'll live
BigWhiteGuerilla: lol
razorXhitsXvein: lol
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Tuesday, July 16th, 2002

Time:6:04 pm.
I got...

Which Final Fantasy Character Could YOU Be Having Sex With?

Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

but I wanted Vincent so screw you all lol

Which Final Fantasy Character Could YOU Be Having Sex With?

Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie
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Time:1:40 am.
Thank god..he changed his mind..but he won't talk to me anymore, saying it will "make things easier"..*sigh*..whatever makes him happy...but..other..happier notes...

razorXhitsXvein: guess who i saw tonight
AerocometX: who?
razorXhitsXvein: MUSHROOMHEAD!
razorXhitsXvein: :-D
AerocometX: FUCK YOU!
razorXhitsXvein: HEHEHE
AerocometX: were they good?
razorXhitsXvein: thats EXACTLY what my bf said
razorXhitsXvein: fuck YES
razorXhitsXvein: I wanted to grab a pick for my bf
razorXhitsXvein: but the guy in front of me got everything
razorXhitsXvein: including a drumstick

so yeah..my ears are ringing...and im out.
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Monday, July 15th, 2002

Subject:What do you do...
Time:12:44 am.
Mood: worried.
What do you do....I'd explain everything but I'd rather just make it short and simple by showing the conversation between my friend, Bobby, and I.

D34th By Sp0rk: Tonight, I mourn the death of my close friend Erin Steffield.

Auto response from razorXhitsXvein: I'm in my room...

razorXhitsXvein: ..
razorXhitsXvein: I'm sorry..
D34th By Sp0rk: thank you for your concern.
razorXhitsXvein: What happened?
D34th By Sp0rk: car accident, today at 5.
razorXhitsXvein: ...I'm so sorry...:-(
D34th By Sp0rk: she was one of my favorite people in the whole world.
razorXhitsXvein: *hugs you tightly*
razorXhitsXvein: In your friend's death, I can only pray it replaced the death that may happen tomorrow..
D34th By Sp0rk: ?
razorXhitsXvein: This boy...he's in love with me...I have a boyfriend who I love and loves me truely...I'm happy with him...then the boy came along, Jon, and fell in love with me...it upsets him enough for him to want to do something irrational..
razorXhitsXvein: and he won't listen to me..
razorXhitsXvein: he just keeps telling me to forget about it...dont worry about it...and if it happens, to forget i knew him so its "easier that way"
D34th By Sp0rk: hmm.
razorXhitsXvein: *sigh*...so much unwanted death and wanted death in this world...
D34th By Sp0rk: yea.
D34th By Sp0rk: today is the 6 month anniversary of another friend of mine.
razorXhitsXvein: ...6 month anniversary of their death?
D34th By Sp0rk: yes.
razorXhitsXvein: I'm sorry bobby...I'm so sorry..

*sigh*...What to do....Jon won't listen to me....What does he expect me to do?...I've been with Nick for 2 months and a half to the day. I wish there was something I could do but there isn't, if I were to just drop Nick and go with Jon I'd be hurting all 3 of us. Jon, for not really having feelings for him, only as a friend. Nick, for breaking up with him. And myself, for leaving the one person I truely love that truely loves me back, and lying to another just to please them. I wish our friendship could be enough happiness for him but it's not...and he won't listen..."forget about it...it doesn't matter".....I can't do that....*sigh*....We just got off the phone with each other...I asked him if he was going to be getting any sleep tonight...He said most likely he wouldn't...then he asked why..I told him, most people reconsider it after a night's rest, I know I have...But he just said to forget about it...*sigh*....no....
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Thursday, July 11th, 2002

Subject:I got a tie..
Time:12:10 am.
Mood: tired.

See what drug you are.

See what drug you are.
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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002

Subject:Happy birthday to you..Happy birthday to you..Happy birthday Mr.President....hehe
Time:6:45 pm.
Mood: tired.
Happy Birthday Em!
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Saturday, July 6th, 2002

Subject:Wow..I'm a pagan goth.
Time:2:01 pm.
Mood: anxious.

Take The Goth Type Test
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Time:12:32 pm.
Mood:just woke up.
1. how old are you?: 14
2. virgin?: no
3. how old were you when you lost it?: 14
4. regret it?: no
5. ever given oral sex?: yes
6. did you like it?: sure
Why or why not?: Ahh..just the fact of pleasuring the other person...just depends on who i'm with...
7. even received oral sex?: yes
8. did you like it?: haha yeah
Why or why not?: lol she had a tongue ring.
9. top or bottom?: top....then bottom..then top..lol i usually switch off at some point of time during it...
10. what turns you on?: my bf. *grins* heheh
11. what does your lover do that makes you go wilde?: wild is spelled with an e?(haha my thoughts exactly...) uhhhh.....He holds me down against the bed or just picks me up and starts to....hehehe...wouldnt you like to know?
12. what turns your lover on?: his wrist being licked...me dragging my fingers down his back....hehe...biting him......
13. what do you do that makes them go wild?: lol....shhhhhh
14. wheres the oddest place youve ever had sex?: my uncles bed? hehe
15. where would you like to?: in a bathroom..up against a wall somewhere. in my bf's bed.
16. intense or passive?: both.
17. fast or slow?: hmm...slow...then really fuckin fast lol. hehehe.
18. foreplay or no?: foreplay
19. tongue or no?: tongue
20. what one word could describe sex with your lover?: aggressive and GREAT
21. ever been in a threesome?: almost.
22. like it?: it would've been fun. but then again it would've been w/ Mike so fuck that.
Why or why not?: ahh it can get complicated unless the 3 people know wtf they're doing.
23. ever been in an orgy consisting of more than three people?: techincally..yes..but thats only because it was 2 couples going at it in the same room...soo...ahh the guy i was with said we *technically* had an orgy so there ya go.
24. did you like it?: uhhh...?
Why or why not?: heh...that night was confusing..i got led on...fuckin bastard..M--.....
25. have you ever used whipped cream?: uhhh no
26. thought about it?: maybe
27. candle wax?: uhh..heh.
28. anything to enhance the pleasure of you both?: of course
29. kinky or normal?: kinky
30. whats your favorite position?: any position that involves Nick in me. But then again I've always wanted to get screwed up against a wall.lmao.
31. lights on or off?: Off
32. with music or no?: if we're home alone, music would be great, but the movie Gia sufficed for me just fine on the 4th of July.....lmao
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Thursday, July 4th, 2002

Time:10:11 am.
Mood: hyper.
Ahhhhh... I didn't sleep all night. I was on the phone with my friend Jon from 3:14AM till... uhhhh....9somethingAM. I got home around 1somethingAM after dropping off Meghan. Damn it feels good to be home. I just showered, can't wait to go pick up Nick today around 2.Heh Yeah. I'm weird. Anyh00.

Ozzfest got postponed!!!! It's no longer this Saturday...*sniffle*...Ozzy wants to be with his wife while she goes under some undisclosed surgery. ErG!!!!! Oh well, I just PRAY that it's not on a weekday. That would suck cause my dad has a ticket and he wants to see SOAD! Agh....Pray for me LoL. I'll pray for myself.

Happy 4th Of July!!
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LiveJournal for Razor.

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